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August 01, 2016 Harry K. provides a wonderfully detailed review of his brand new 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pad.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for the courtesy follow up. After using the solid black mat for two days now, I cannot tell you enough how satisfied I am with the experience. I tried taking photos so that you could post it on the user photos section of your site. I apologize for the poor iphone photo quality.

To sum my experience with the mat, it is more beautiful in person. The fine, smooth feeling of the mat is a hundred times better than the sticky wooden desktop that I had before. This mouse mat is probably the highest quality mat I've touched in my life. I used to use Razer Goliathus mouse mat, and it truly does not compare. From the way it is knitted to the general feeling of it on my arm (my forearm and elbows are on the desk when I type), I am amazed that the quality can be this great for a mat this big.

The jet blackness of the mat sets a solid and heavy tone for my workstation. Immediately, I felt the boost in productivity because it helps me to focus on the computer screen better. The literally unlimited space I have to move my mouse feels absolutely wonderful- and this is coming from a non- first person shooter game person. The freedom of movement is awesome, and the mousemat is perfect for my scanner mouse (or mouse scanner) because it is the ideal background for scanning documents right on top of my desk. And finally, cleaning the desk has become so much  easier. I love the fact that I could maintain a tidy desk with just a lint roller. For 59 dollars, I believe this is truly a great investment. And for those people who feel daunted by the sheer size of the mouse mat, they should feel assured that their desktop will look and feel totally different.

Thank you for communicating with me since 2 months ago. Truly appreciate your time and help in making this mousemat happen. It just happened to be an exact fit for my desk. 10/10 will shop again from your shop.



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