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Pad-Zilla® Wholesale & Volume Discounts

If you are interested in large quantities of Pad-Zilla®,
or have an interest in becoming a distributor or dealer of our products,
then please click this link.

We are particularly interested in
International Dealer/Distributor
The demand in Europe for our product is extensive!

A Very Unique Promotional & Branding Opportunity!

Achieve a one of a kind, immersive brand awareness with Pad-Zilla® giant mouse pads. Our products are used and seen an average of 7.5 hours per day, almost continuously! Some will use them during the work day. Some will use them for home recreational use. Some will use them both places! Talk about "eyes-on" impressions! Your customers, clients, & dealers will see your products, contact info and website address a lot!

  • Print anything from something as elegantly simple as your logo and website address, to your complete product line and contact info!
  • Make the world's largest business card that's in front of customers all day long!
  • Create a truly unique & functional gift around your marketing campaign!
  • Provide your dealers with a custom, soft, elegantly printed counter top display!

Any size including lengths up to 17 feet long by 45 inches tall,
with single or multiple images,
with beautiful sewn edges!

Dramatic, Beautiful, Bold, and BIG!
Did we mention this has exceptional mouse tracking motion
and provides complete mouse movement freedom!
A truly unique brand awareness opportunity!

Outstanding promotional opportunities for:

  • Corporate Gifts
  • Business Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences

 Once you use a Pad-Zilla® you will never go back to a traditional mouse pad!

Pad-Zilla™ mouse pads are made from 100% natural, renewable rubber. They are Eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-skid, waterproof, durable, and customizable! (Click here for detailed specifications)

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Wholesale and volume discounts are available.

  • We can print virtually any high quality image! In full color!
  • We can make custom sizes from standard mouse pads up to custom 17 foot wide by almost 4 feet tall, and beyond!
  • These prices include a beautiful custom branded tubular box of your design! In full color! (500 piece minimum order-no setip fees)