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The World's Biggest & Most Comfortable Mouse Pads!

Tour the World's Biggest Mouse Pads!

Pad-Zilla™ "Distances" giant mouse pads

About Pad-Zilla™

Pad-Zilla™ is the World's Biggest Mousepad. These mouse pads / mouse mats cover your entire desk, giving you complete freedom of movement for gaming, work and all other computer use.

The fabric surface is silken smooth, excellent for tracking and feel, and the edges are finished with silken stitching to limit fraying. With thick 3mm (5.5 pounds) cushioning and a non-slip backing, it protects your desk giving you a quiet, comfortable surface to spread out on.

Additionally the rich colors and beautiful designs we offer add atmospheric enhancement to any gaming or working environment.


Benefits and Uses


Covers The Entire Desk Surface The Pad-Zilla™ mousepad / mousemat covers your entire desk! We cover a standard 5' desk which is 5 feet by 2.5 feet (60" by 30").


Experience the "freedom" of your entire desktop being your mouse pad surface! Never pickup your mouse again! Concentrate on your work like never before!


Excellent Tracking, Cushion & Glide The slightly textured "silkish" fabric surface adds resistance that is perfect for mouse tracking, with the slightest move being instantly translated into response on your screen!


Beautiful Designs that are stunning, powerful & colorful. With designs that are 4', 5', and 6 foot plus, the imagery is important to have not only visual impact, but also sustain interest!


The Pad-Zilla™ mousepad / mousemat covers your entire desk, which protects your desk from scratches, stains and distress. Turn an old desk into a work of art! Make a DIY table/desk look cool!


They clean easily with a damp rag and water. Coated with a water resistant cloth finish and non-slip rubber base, the colors of the imagery are fade resistant & won't rub off under normal wear.


Our "Silkiness Surface" is the most comfortable surface to rest your hands, arms and wrists on, especially for long periods of work/play. You'll absentmindedly run your hands across the surface of these cool mousepads!


Custom creations & custom shapes are now available. We can create a custom Pad-Zilla™ with your image. no image (solid colors), as well as custom sizes & shapes. The uses are limited only by your imagination!

Just Cool

Chances are high that the first person that walks into your computer room or office and sees your new Pad-Zilla™, the first word they'll say is 'Oh, Cool!' (we're not joking here, by the way)


25 Designs + 2 Solid Black Sizes + Create Your Own + Custom Shapes, + Custom Sizes

Explore our printed designs, solid colors, customization options, custom shapes and more!

Click here for Pad-Zilla™ designs and options!
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Technical Details

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Our (25) printed designs are 60" wide by 30" tall. We also offer a 4 foot and a 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla™. Our 4' is 48" by 24". We also offer custom sizes!


Our surface tracking material is "silky" & your mouse will "glide" across our surface. You will feel "freedom of movement" unlike anything you've used before!


Pad-Zilla™ mousepads are 3mm thick & weigh 5 pounds, cushion your arms & elbows, The material is dense natural rubber that is soft & pliable!
Pad-Zilla giant mouse pad technical details.


Pad-Zilla™ mouse pads are made from 100% natural, renewable rubber, are Eco friendly, non-toxic, odorless, anti-skid, waterproof & durable!


We use tight sewn edges around the entire Pad-Zilla™ for durability & elegance. Our sewn edges will reduce or eliminate fraying & will last for years!


Washable with mild soap & water for hand cleaning, our mouse pads are actually very tough & resilient. TIP: For easy cleanups use a lint roller.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

All Pad-Zilla® shipments within the contiguous United States and internationally are calculated based on destination and are real-time rates from the United States Post Office. We do not markup the shipping and do not charge a handling fee!

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes we do! If you own the rights to your image, or have purchased the rights to use it, then we can make a custom Pad-Zilla® for you! We offer custom sizes, custom thicknesses, and custom shapes as well! Custom Pad-Zilla™ cost more than our stock items as they are literally hand made for you. Also as they weigh 5 pounds plus, the shipping adds to the cost.

Do you offer custom shapes?

Yes we do! We just started to offer custom shapes. Depending on your requirements we may be able to create a very unique custom Pad-Zilla® for you with custom colors or printed imagery. Contact us for more info!

Are Pad-Zilla® washable?

Yes they are! We use a very hardy cloth surface that will allow you to simply use warm water & a mild detergent soap such as Dawn (grease cutting + they donate to wildlife rescue). Blot the stain and rub with a washcloth or micro-fiber cloth. Repeat as necessary to remove stubborn stains! We have used this method to remove even red wine! By the way. Do not place a Pad-Zilla® in the washing machine as that will ruin the edges. You can also simply take it outside and hose it down for an annual Spring Cleaning!

Why do I want a Pad-Zilla®

A Pad-Zilla® will transform your entire desktop! They will comfort your arms, wrists & hands. They will cushion your keyboard reducing typing stress and noise. You will have complete freedom of movement for your mouse. That freedom allows you to concentrate on your work and not where your mouse is. Until you experience a Pad-Zilla® for yourself, you will not know what you are missing!


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Our Team

Our team has been using their Pad-Zilla™ mousepads for over a year on a daily basis and we can tell you from experience that the comfort and freedom they provide literally changes your workflow. Being able to move your mouse anywhere, effortlessly, is an experience unique to Pad-Zilla™ giant mousepads! We invite you to experience this freedom for yourself!


Our Custom Rig

Visit our custom build that started Pad-Zilla™! While we were building our custom video editing computer, we realized that this beautiful machine needed a better desktop environment to showcase this rig - affectionately known as "Badass 1."


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