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The World's Biggest & Most Comfortable Mouse Pads!
Compete and casually play for pride and prizes as you forge new friendships... and maybe a few rivals.
Find some people, snag a game, and grab a table! Spend a whole day learning an epic strategy game or play at your leisure. Try a game from our library or demo team. Check out the newness from our sponsor and vendor lineup as well as designers with prototypes hot off the printer. 
Participate in a variety of ways to gain raffle tickets for our growing spread of epic prizes that anyone can win - (over $1,000 worth including giant playmats, gift cards from Cinci breweries and restaurants, and top-tier games like Robinson Crusoe, Twilight Struggle, and Gloomhaven)!
MULLINSPIELE has always been about building relationships through shared experiences. What better way to do that than by joining enthused table-toppers to play awesome games for the chance to win sweet prizes?
Get pumped for our Kickstarter launching Q3 2020 to take MULLINSPIELE to the next level and establish a premier event for years to come!
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We're going all out because we believe that every gamer deserves this experience!
Join the table today at www.mullinspiele.com
Riley Mullins
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