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MousePads.Cool Unleases Pad-Zilla™ - The World's Biggest Mousepads
5 Foot Mouse Pads With 25 Designs or Upload Your Own

Pad-Zilla™ Giant Mouse Pads

Taos, New Mexico: Today, MousePads.Cool, creators of Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pads, announced the launch of their product line and website. After 14 months of research & development they just unleashed their 5 foot model Pad-Zilla™ giant mousepad, including the ability for users to upload their own designs.

A Pad-Zilla™ will cover your entire desk with the world’s biggest & finest mousepad. Five foot long by 30 inches tall (a standard 5 foot desk) they offer 25 designs printed in brilliant colors, and a highly responsive "silky" mouse pad tracking surface.

On the benefits of making your desktop your mousepad, MousePads.Cool Founder Patrick Doyle said, "As a full-time webmaster for over 21 years, I know how frustrating and distracting a tiny mouse pad is. 14 months ago we set out to solve this and we are extremely proud of our first Pad-Zilla™ models. Every beta tester using our giant mousepads has stated they will never go back to a traditional mousepad.

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They also said the mousepads were much more impressive in person. I believe, once you experience the freedom a Pad-Zilla™ provides and the immersive desktop environment they create, I hope you will agree."

A Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pad allows for complete freedom of mouse movement as your entire desk becomes your mousepad. Never again will you have to pick your computer mouse back onto the mousepad. Created with exceptionally smooth & responsive “silky” material and 25 brilliantly colored designs, customers can revolutionize their entire desktop work environment.

Transform your desk from a saltwater aquarium, to a motorcycle rider in flames, to a tropical beach, to the upper reaches of the Cosmos, or any one of their 25 designs. You may upload your own design and corporate branding campaigns can even have special shapes & sizes!

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About MousePads.Cool: MousePads.Cool is a manufacturer & distributor of custom printed giant mousepads with sizes ranging from typical mousepads - “Pip Squeaks” all the way up to their 17 foot wide by 45" tall “Extremely Ginormous” mousepad. Marketed to the general public as well as to high volume corporate specialty gift clients, Pad-Zilla’s™ provide a unique user experience or one-of-a-kind corporate specialty branding opportunity. www.MousePads.Cool