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Pad-Zilla™ Multiple Uses

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Giant Mouse Pads - Drum Mats - Custom Drum Mats - Cajón Mats - Keyboard Mats - Yoga Mats

Mouse Pads

The Pad-Zilla™ mouse pads / mousemats cover your entire desk! We cover a standard 5' desk which is 5 feet by 2.5 feet (60" by 30"). Experience the "freedom" of your entire desktop being your mouse pad surface! Never pickup your mouse again!

The slightly textured "silkish" fabric surface adds resistance that is perfect for mouse tracking, with the slightest move being instantly translated into response on your screen!

Drum Mats

Whatever you call them - Drum Mats. Drum Rugs, Drum Pads, or Drum Kit Mats, they keep your drums from creeping and ruining a session or gig. Our Pad-Zilla™ Drum Mats are a 3mm dense all natural rubber, non-skid, floor reverb cushion that weighs 5 pounds (6 pounds with reusable tube).

They dampen floor noise & distortion, cushion you and your instruments, and easily roll-up & store in their own tubes.

The pictures above feature two of our SKU #020: Helix Pad-Zilla™. Each measures 60" wide by 30" tall. When placed side-by-side as in the pictures above, they make a 5 foot by 5 foot square. Add more Pad-Zilla™ Drum Mats as needed.

For a cool effect, upload your own images or logos and we'll create a one-of-a-kind Drum Mat for you!

Custom Drum Mats

We can make custom drum mats with your logo, band name, web address, etc, and we can do these in different sizes! In addition to "branding" you or your band, these dense non-skid rubber drum mats cushion your equipment like no ordinary drum rug can do! Your instruments "nest" themselves in our 3mm thick material.

Even your bottom feels better on your drum stool as it's cushioned even more! Your instruments will not move (even for you heavy rockers!) and if you are on a wooden stage or riser, the Pad-Zilla™ drum mats will deaden the sound better than any drum mat on the market today!

Cajón Mats

"This Pad-Zilla™ Cajón Mat is the coolest addition to my cajon equipment set-up for stage, studio and teaching gigs. First and foremost, it looks amazing and the quality of the mat is top flight!

Once you see this gorgeous mat, you'll easily recognize the huge amount of thought and development that went into it.

The non-slip surface on both top and bottom give me more control to relax and play with everything staying in place.

Keyboard Mats

Pad-Zilla™ keyboard mats are the perfect size for a full 88 keyboard, like the Roland featured in these pictures to the right.

With 3mm thick padding, your keyboard will not move as it is "nestled" into your keyboard mat. They also reduce vibration feedback as the Pad-Zilla™ absorbs most of the shock. This is especially true for keyboardists playing in a band on stage, which are usually wooden. Drum vibrations, speaker vibrations as well as the audience all impact your keyboard vibrational feedback.

For even more comfort, add a second Pad-Zilla™ under your keyboard seat for added cushioning for your bottom and your legs. This makes long sessions or gigs that much more comfortable and less stressful! Industries have been using rubber foot mats for added comfort for decades. The same comfort factors apply for keyboardists and drummers!

Yoga Mats

YogaMats.Cool is proud to announce the availability of our first series of yoga inspired designs.

Over the next few months we will be creating several designs specific to the yoga mat market.

These will include inspirational and jaw-dropping beautiful yoga mat designs including chakras, mandalas and more!