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Many have asked about the best ways to care for and clean a Pad-Zilla™. Here are some tips and a very inexpensive "suction cup cleaning kit" you can buy at any Walmart or online. More on the kit later!

Here's what you need to know first and foremost.
YES you may wash them, by hand, with a hose or in your tub/shower.

Feel free to hand wash your Pad-Zilla™ as often as necessary! Water with shampoo works great and makes your Pad-Zilla™ have a nice scent! For stubborn stains or grease use a mild dish soap (like Dawn). Use a wash cloth or sponge and soap it up and rinse the heck out of it! They're tough and can take it..smile!

Wash it then lay it on some towels or over your shower rod on a towel. Let dry, usually 2 hours, then have fun!

$10 Cleaning Kit: (as seen in the video above)

Here's an inexpensive "suction cup cleaning kit" you can buy at Walmart. We've included links to the products.

1. Clamps (2) 2" to 4" plastic "spring clamps"  $2.00 - $4.00
Basically any plastic spring clamp will do. They are so strong they will hold the Pad-Zilla™

IMG 2558 resize

2. Plant Hooks or S-Hooks 3/32 in. (2 mm)   2 pieces    $1.00 - $2.00
Any S Hook will do. Hardware stores carry them for about 45 cents a piece.
TIP: Cut and bend a wire coat hanger to shape! FREE

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3. Suction Cups   2-pack   $3.49
You want ones capable of holding 5 pounds each hook, and you want a Power Lock clamping suction.

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 If you purchase the clamps and the hooks for only two pieces each, then your total cost for this cleaning kit, with tax, should be just under $10.00!

We will be carrying this as a kit shortly! Here it is in action.

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IMG 2570 resize

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