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We can make custom drum mats with your logo, band name, web address, etc, and we can do these in different sizes! In addition to "branding" you or your band, these dense non-skid rubber drum mats cushion your equipment like no ordinary drum rug can do! Your instruments "nest" themselves in our 3mm thick material. Even your butt feels better on your drum stool as it's cushioned even more! Your instruments will not move (even for you heavy rockers!) and if you are on a wooden stage or riser, the Pad-Zilla™ drum mats will deaden the sound better than any drum mat on the market today!

About the Drums:

Andy Wasserman's showcase custom drum kit

* core kit: 5-piece maple drum kit, handmade in USA by Phattie Drums

* drum exterior finish: wrap production by Bum Wrap Drum Company

* drum mat: Custom designed Pad-Zilla™ to match drum kit by DrumMats.com

* bass drum microphone: TPSONE1 custom wrapped 40 ounce floating subkick mic

100% of the proceeds from "Bead Songs" were donated to the The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes - Fort Hall Indian Reservation