Our new friend Delaney in Virginia just sent in this great review and photos! Thank you Delaney!

Pardon me for replying to this email. But I wasn't sure where else to let you know what i thought about the pad-zilla.

Well it kicks ass, and it looks kick ass. It really completes my look and creates a uniform surface over the majority of my desk which is what I was looking far and wide for. There is NO other product out there I could find. BIG BIG, kick ass.

Kick Ass,

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Our new friend Mert in Turkey is one of first Amazon customers. Mert was kind enough to send us this great photo of this 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pad! Thank you Mert and welcome to the club!

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mert resize

* We coordinated with Jacob who purchased a Pad-Zilla™ "Event Horizon" Giant Mouse Pad, as a present for himself, but to be given by his girlfiend Jessica.

Finally was actually able to put it on my desk. Just wanted to say how satisfied I was with this mousepad. Only complaint is that you don't sell the 6.8'x3'.

But I would highly recommend this anyone that can fit it. High quality, built to last. Amazing designs. Thank you. I did attach a couple of pictures for you to use as you will.


Hey Patrick,

This is Jacob (with Jessica). We talked on the phone Friday to make sure the shipping address was correct. I just wanted to let you know that it did come in and it looks better than I could have asked. The only problem is I can't receive it from Jessica till the 16th of November.

Thank you for providing such amazing customer service!


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IMG 20161101 215253

Techzei.com in India Pad-Zilla™ Product Review

"About PadZilla, I believe you have to put it out there! It is the kind of product which is hard to describe and I didn't appreciate it this much before I used it. Now, I can't imagine my desk without one!"  ~Vignesh Selvasundar Managing Editor, Techzei October 7, 2016


padzilla techzei side

PadZilla Review: Get ready to go Big!7

When thinking of a setup, we don’t really think about the Mousepad. But that is probably the single most important part of your setup. I hate the harsh wood of my large table against my palms when I’m typing or while using the mouse. So I had a Large Razer Goliath Mat for the Keyboard and one Medium Sized Goliath for the mouse. Apart from that, I had another small area with Microfibre Cloth to place my phones on and keep them scratch free. With all this on my table, it was a huge mess. I’ve tried some of the larger mousepads, but none of them worked. Till I came across Pad-Zilla™!

padzilla techzei cover

Pad-Zilla™ is a large mousepad which covers every inch of the desk. Pad-Zilla adds a cushioned surface to your entire desk which doubles up as a mousepad. It is a bit thick and provides the optimal level of cushioning.

padzilla techzei braid

The surface of Pad-Zilla™ has a fantastic design which spans over the whole mat. There are about 25 designs to choose from. It is super smooth, and the artwork is fade-resistant. On the other side, it has a non-slip rubber base because of which(And also the weight of this thing) the Mousepad is not going to move around. The Silken Smooth surface and the rubber base is stiched together pretty well. The whole mat is washable, without having to worry about the stitching or the print coming off.

padzilla techzei back rubber

The Pad-Zilla™ is unbelievably large and is unlike any product that I’ve ever seen. It is so huge that it can also double up as a Yoga Mat!

The Mouse Mat comes at a standard size of 60 x 30 Inches. Pad-Zilla™ retails at $70, and there’s a black only version without any design on it for $60. The only other option is a bit smaller one at 48 x 24 inches, and this one comes only in black which retails at $50.

 padzilla techzei surface


The Mouse Mat is ridiculously heavy. It weighs about 5.5 Pounds (2.5Kg), and the package is huge. It comes in a reusable case and will naturally incur a shipping cost. It costs $10 to ship within the US, or a standard fee of $25 to ship to other countries.

This Mat alone exponentially increased the comfort of using my computer. I’ve been using it for about two months now, and there are no signs of Wear & Tear. It has high quality sewn edges which are not going to fray and the waterproof silken smooth surface is easy to clean whenever I spill something.

padzilla techzei surface 1

It is hard to describe the kind of value it provides. This is something which has to be experienced. But, if you have a large table like me, do yourself a favour and get one of these. You’re going to be happy with it, above and beyond. Don’t trust me? Check out why Linus also recommends them:


5foot sb 
I know that it has been a few months since I purchased a Pad-Zilla, but I did want to give you a big shout-out and thank you for such a great product.
My wife and I are gamers...but not the kind you think.  We really love hobby board games, and we have struggled to find a good, portable playing surface that we can use for our games.  Play mats have always been a welcome addition to a board game, but not all games come with them, or their footprint on the table is too large for a "standard" size play mat.
I was researching ways to see if we could make our own customized, giant-sized "mouse pad" type mat.  It was not very encouraging with materials, cost, and just doing it.  In fact, at one point we tried making our own "poker-felt" type mat that really did not turn out well and we were very displeased with its performance.  Then I ran across a video advertisement for your Pad-Zilla product.  I had never heard of a desk-sized mouse pad before, but the idea makes a lot of sense for pro-video gamers.  The size is about the same size we were looking at creating for our dinning room table (which is on the smaller size out of necessity), so I decided to give it a try.  And I'm pleased to say, that it does not disappoint.
I know it isn't for everyone, but for our purposes, it is great; we can remove it when we aren't playing games and it is easy to roll out when game night comes around.  The surface is decent for board games; it is a little "slick" for cards, but nothing outrageous.  Our only complaint (and it is minor) is the width of the pad; we wish it was just a little bit wider for our table, but that is a small quip that is outweighed by the advantages.
Long story, short: I am thoroughly impressed with and enjoying our Pad-Zilla.  Thank you for providing such a great product.  I wish you lots of success.
Ryan Sauter

August 01, 2016 Harry K. provides a wonderfully detailed review of his brand new 5 foot solid black Pad-Zilla™ giant mouse pad.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for the courtesy follow up. After using the solid black mat for two days now, I cannot tell you enough how satisfied I am with the experience. I tried taking photos so that you could post it on the user photos section of your site. I apologize for the poor iphone photo quality.

To sum my experience with the mat, it is more beautiful in person. The fine, smooth feeling of the mat is a hundred times better than the sticky wooden desktop that I had before. This mouse mat is probably the highest quality mat I've touched in my life. I used to use Razer Goliathus mouse mat, and it truly does not compare. From the way it is knitted to the general feeling of it on my arm (my forearm and elbows are on the desk when I type), I am amazed that the quality can be this great for a mat this big.

The jet blackness of the mat sets a solid and heavy tone for my workstation. Immediately, I felt the boost in productivity because it helps me to focus on the computer screen better. The literally unlimited space I have to move my mouse feels absolutely wonderful- and this is coming from a non- first person shooter game person. The freedom of movement is awesome, and the mousemat is perfect for my scanner mouse (or mouse scanner) because it is the ideal background for scanning documents right on top of my desk. And finally, cleaning the desk has become so much  easier. I love the fact that I could maintain a tidy desk with just a lint roller. For 59 dollars, I believe this is truly a great investment. And for those people who feel daunted by the sheer size of the mouse mat, they should feel assured that their desktop will look and feel totally different.

Thank you for communicating with me since 2 months ago. Truly appreciate your time and help in making this mousemat happen. It just happened to be an exact fit for my desk. 10/10 will shop again from your shop.



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