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Hey Patrick,

Love my Pad-Zilla!  It gives a good clean look to the desk.  You can see the mouse on the right in one picture but the monitor is far left.  That was inconvenient to say the least. But now, thanks to Pad-Zilla problem solved.  The pad was actually longer than the desk (knew that when ordered) so I wrapped it around the edge of my desk on both sides and stapled it up underneath the edge of desk. Worked perfectly.  
The sewn edge is an excellent idea.  Custom sizes if possible would be an excellent feature.  Wish I could have ordered with a US flag and Texas Flag on it.
Hey Patrick, you made this purchase a great experience! Thank you for your time.
I’m originally from Nashville.  Played a lot of baseball in Goodletsville and lived in Madison for a while also.
Thanks again,
Mike Haun
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